Attention Coupon Clients!

Because of the positive response to our offers and the bad weather lately we are only allowing you to book for the week of service that you want. As long as you place your request before your coupon expires we will honour it.

You do NOT need to register on our site in order to book your appointment.
You do however need to book your appointment through our site.

Simply choose Coupon Clients from the navigation bar above.
Select your deal site company. Then select your deal option and click
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Thank You for choosing MGS.

Mid Season Update!

As most of you know it has been a very trying season for us so far. With the cold weather in April and the rain in May most of our clients are still waiting for their panes to be cleaned

What has happened is that we were forced to stop allowing clients to place their own dates and simply place everyone in que. Now that all clients prior to July 1 2014 have been placed in que we have reopened the preferred cleaning by the week only, what that means is that you can choose the week but not the date for outside cleaning. If you want inside cleaning as well you then can choose the exact date of the service.

Alot of clients ask when their service will be completed, our only answer is as quickly as possible. We are working through each booking as it comes in. Our entire staff including the office help are out at clients homes cleaning while maintaining the quality of work we are known for.

We will be offering clients that have booked their appointments and have been waiting two months for service a thank you in a form of a credit for their loyalty and patience

For our powerwashing clients we are trying to get you dates that will allow us to do your job correctly without rain. Rain has been the enemy all year.

As always we are here to answer any of your questions so feel free to contact us either by phone 647-932-5849 or by our contact form below. For a faster response please email us.