Seniors Dryer Vent Safety Program October 9 - 15 2016

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MGS Cleaning Solutions has cleaned many types of dryer vents over the years, and in most cases, our clients were not aware of how badly they needed it done. Once they saw what came out of the vent, well, let's just say that they immediately became repeat customers!

Approximately 30 per cent of all Ontario fire fatalities involve seniors. These alarming statistics prove that seniors are shown to be one of the most vulnerable groups with respect to fire and life safety. With most fires starting in the home and many in the vents, it is imperative that seniors live in environment that is free of fire hazards.

MGS Cleaning Solutions is proud to introduce its Seniors Dryer Vent Safety Program - a free dryer vent cleaning service for senior residents of Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Markham during Fire Prevention Week, October 9 - 15, 2016. Because we live and work in this community, we want to give back to the very community that supports us throughout the year.

Our hope is to help our seniors live safely in their own home,
without the worry of a dryer vent fire

To qualify the person must:

  • Live in Richmond Hill, Thornhill or Markham.
  • Live alone or as a senior couple in your own single dwelling home.
  • Be a minimum of 70 years of age.
  • Be at home at the time of the scheduled appointment

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Eavestrough Cleaning From MGS Cleaning Solutions
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Window Pane Cleaning for 2016 starts April 04 2016, weather permitting. When booking your service this year you will notice that your service is only available for any given week. As we are doing outside service you do not need to be home for the service to get done. If you want the inside window panes cleaned, please include the specific date that you want in the box provided and also include the work week. This way our system will lock in your booking.

Our service week for the 2016 season runs from Monday to Saturday. You will receive a reminder email the Sunday before your service week. Along with your reminder we will again send you your proforma invoice, this invoice needs to be signed and available to us if you are not at home. Even if you have already paid for your service the signed invoice acts as permission for us to be on your property and also activates our liability insurance against any damage we may cause or if someone gets hurt on your property while we are working.

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  • Optional Screen Cleaning Available on The Booking Form
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  • Optional Sm. and Lrg. Specialty Pane Cleaning Available
  • Optional French Window and Door Cleaning Available
  • Service Runs From April 04 2016 - October 01 2016
  • Service Is For 1 or 2 Story Single Family Homes, Added Value For 3 Story Homes
  • Sorry We Do Not Service 3 Story TownHomes or Condos
  • We must have access directly to both the front and backyards from outside

As a reminder if you purchased a coupon in 2015 as long as you book your service before your coupon expires we will still honour it, even if the appointments falls after the expiry date.

Bookings for 2016 MUST Be Completed By October 1 2016
We have extended the season until October 31 2016 weather permitting