Take Us Up On Our Crazy Offer

We have had many clients asking when are we going to put up our commercial page. Well we did alot of research into what our competitors have done on their sites and wow no one wants to tell you about their price

They talk about how they will take care of you and how good they are but just try to find a price it's impossible. Here at MGS we are small and straight forward. No nonsense is our motto so you will never have to hunt around looking for a price.

Because we are newer and hungry for work we are going to charge you only $2 per window pane and $1 per door. If you look at the picture above you will see that there are seven panes of glass, just so you know a pane is defined as having a metal surface surrounding it. This unit also has two doors. The total charge for that unit would be ONLY $16. Thats it no messing around.

In the picture to the left you see one very large window, one door and two other smaller windows. Even though this pane is very large it still only costs two dollars. We would charge you only $7 for this store front. Yes we know this introductory offer is cheap but the quality of our work is not. We simply want to have you try us.

So I bet you are thinking "Okay what is the catch?" Really there is no catch we normally charge $4 per pane and $2 per door, and if after the first time around you choose not to have us come out again, no problem. But if you want us to come on a regular basis the two dollar price remains the same.

How our service works with Regular Clients.

Our service works on a quarterly basis, rain or shine or summer and winter it does not matter we will be there.

Once you become a regular client you simply pay by the quarter, the first month you would pay for the first and last and then after that simply pay by the quarter.

Take the first example we gave the cost of that unit is $16 + HST to clean each time, so you give us $48+ HST for the first quarter and $48+ HST for the last quarter and then simply pay quarterly after that. Again we try to keep it simple

This offer is really geared for retail store fronts, resturants, Dental offices but we will do industrial complexes as well but we do limit to two floors any higher then our price does go up, it simply will take longer on the third floor. Incase you wish to know the price for third floor cleaning simply add $2 per pane off our regular price. If you become a client your third floor will cost $1 per pane more. How is that for full disclosure.

Take a few minutes and fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hrs except on the weekends we golf.