How To Use Our Site as a Member

For most of our member clients this will be the first time seeing our new site. We are pretty excited to share it with you and we hope that you are just as excited to use it. Less words more visuals, easy checkout and for the first time since we stared you are now able to select a service date. That's right not a work week but a service date and pay for it all on our new e-commerce website

As a member client you will receive specials 3 times a year only; January, June and again in September. This is when it pays to have your newsletter enabled because you will see deals that no one else gets.

Take our January Special. This deal runs from January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018 and its all about window pane cleaning. We have dropped the 10 pane specials you can still buy it but we will not be running any deals on it. As a Member you are no longer able to purchase Groupons. This is the only form of advertising that we do and it is directed at new clients. In 2018 they will be paying the same after April 1 2018 as you do or more before April 1 2018 The details of the pricing are in the January 2018 Newsletter.

But lets talk about how to use the new site.

The first thing you need to do is to log in. You will know that you have logged in because you will see your name listed where the login use to be.

Ok so it's been awhile since you were on our site and you have been asking yourself "sure click on the login, but what do I do next" Simple once on the login page,

  1.  use your email address as your username
  2. use your 10 digit phone number as the password, If your password doesn't work then simply request a new one and one will be sent to your email address on file.
  3. You have successfully logged in, take a look around. All correspondence from our ClientCare team will be in your order history, you can turn off Newsletters and all sorts of things.
  4. If you noticed before you logged in the prices seemed higher than you remember right. Well those are the normal prices that we advertise but fear not, once you log in you will be presented with a whole set of new pricing, pricing only members can see. These are your special prices.
  5. Ok simply select the services that you want, answer any questions that we have and ad it to your shopping cart.
  6. Once you are done adding go to the checkout.
  7. All of your information gets populated no more filling out forms, but wait you want to give it to your mom, that's nice. Ok put your moms address in the Shipping Area but leave your info there, we will tell you why later.
  8. Now this is new and exciting for us. Select a Service Day, Yes I said a service day.
  9. Now if we were nice or you received a voucher from a friend or your son/daughter/husband/ other put that number in the voucher area only and hit apply.
  10. Now input your Credit Card info into the payment area, remember when I said that it's important not to change your info, well our system will be tied to your postal code when you input your cc info it will look for it if it's not there it will get rejected and oh don't worry we use a third party processing company to process all of our payments your info is never stored on our servers and our partner is 100% PCI compliant.
  11. Hit the submit button and see what happens, yup instant email confirmation with your invoice attached.

That's about all you have to do, we will look after the rest. We will send you out a consent form for you to sign electronically, a reminder email the Sunday before your service and we will do everything in our power to show up on the day you selected, unless it's raining, snowing or a meteor is on it's way.

I want to thank you for choosing MGS and all of us here look forward to servicing your home.

Mark G Springall