How much does power washing cost?

If you have interlocking brick work at your home you know how much time and energy it takes to maintain the look of the paver. Since the ban on effective weed killers here in Ontario it seems that the weeds are having a field day. Just take a look at this picture. This is what we typically see when we arrive at a residence. For most home owners the interlocking brick was already there, so they really have no idea just how expensive it is to install. Like us, installers charge by the square foot. But unlike us the average 500 square foot driveway with an average design and paver can cost you around $7 a square foot installed for a total of $3,500.

What are the different options we offer?

We offer three very different options for all of our clients and budgets.

If you only need power washing we charge .50 a square foot. This application could be used on wooden decks, brick work with morter, house siding or solid concrete patios.

The most popular option is the wash,weed killer and re-sand. Depending on the size of the job we usually show up to the job site around 8am for morning appointments and 2pm for afternoon appointments. We prep the area that is to be washed. So if you have plants or items that can not be moved we will tarp them. We then blow off the area with a gas powered leaf blower. We pre treat areas of the surface that show signs of oil stains such as on the driveway or Efflorescence, this is the only time any chemical is applied to the area. Then the mess starts. We use a 3000 psi heavy duty gas pressure washer, and only use water with a specially designed rotating nozzle to clean each paver and remove any debris. When the area is fully cleaned we give the area a soft wash to remove any residue left on the pavers.

After the pavers have dried we then apply a government approved weed killer, this is entirely your option some clients wish to skip this option for personal reasons. The reason for the weed killer is, although most if not all of the weed stem gets destroyed there may be some of the root remaining. While the area is exposed it is reccommended to apply the weed killer to eliminate any chance of the weed regenerating.

Now we apply jointing sand, this sand is dried and the grains are larger than regular sand this helps the sand resist wash out and stays solid within the pavers. We brush the sand into the voids ensuring that all areas are covered. After the area is sanded we take the leaf blower and remove any remaining sand left on top of the pavers. Once all pavers have been cleaned we will then apply 3 coats of water to the area, making sure we leave enough time between each application of water for the pavers to dry.

For all of this we only charge .98 per square foot.

Our third option is so special it gets its own page. Learn more about Polymer Sand