When purchasing from any deal site the client agrees and understands that they must pay the value of the HST owing ONLY on their original purchase price directly to MGS. Any and all other outstanding amounts are subject to HST and shall be paid to MGS before the service shall be performed. In case of dispute the client acknowledges, and hold no harm to MGS and will deal directly with the deal site. With respect to any outstanding amount paid to MGS, only a credit will apply. Clients paying by Credit Card understand that in person payments are subject to a processing fee not greater than 3% + $0.15 transaction fee. Clients paying by Credit Card over the phone or any other method understand that the processing fee will not exceed 4% + $0.15 per transaction.


Visa, MasterCard, Cash at the door and Electronic Funds Transfer are all acceptable forms of payments. We no longer accept cheques. Some credit card companies may impose a “Transaction Fee” even though your transaction is denominated in CND. dollars. This is an arbitrary fee that occurs in a small number of cases and accrues entirely to the credit card–issuing bank. MGS does not control these bank-imposed fees nor does MGS derive any benefit from them, monetary or otherwise; we are therefore unable to accept responsibility for the fees.


Booking is defined as when a client books their appointment on line. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis and will be determined by the incoming emails date. A booking is not an appointment but shall indicate the desired appointment date, which MGS gives no guarantee but shall try to stay as close to that date as possible.


A missed appointment is defined as in the case of deal site clients; there is no coupon or HST available to us. In the case of direct clients no payment is available. MGS will leave behind a missed appointment notice and there will be imposed a $10 rebooking fee, to rebook another appointment. In the case of Deal site clients the coupon will be marked as used and further bookings are at the discretion of MGS and must be prepaid. In the case of direct clients their will be a rebooking fee of $10 and all services must be prepaid.


All jobs in excess of the value of $200 shall be paid out in the following manner; 25% of the total booking at the time of the booking. A further 25%.the day of the appointment before the work commences. A final payment of 50% is due when the work is completed. The client understands and acknowledges each transaction will be subject to the PAYMENT POLICY guidelines.


MGS Cleaning Solutions, Inc. shall not be liable for delay or inability to perform any service herein or any part thereof caused by or arising out of strikes, lockout or labor difficulties. Whether in the form of rain, snow, hail, sleet will stop us from performing our duties safely and is subject to rebooking at no additional expense to the client.


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