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How To Redeem a Coupon From A Third Party Such As Groupon
How Long Before My Coupon Is In Your System ?

Groupon Coupons take up to 24hrs to be uploaded into our system. Uploads usually occur between 6am-7am. These times may vary depending on the amount of coupons that need to be processed from the day before.

I Have Already Purchased a Coupon, Why Are You Making Me Buy It Again?

Our site is a full E-Commerce site and although you may have purchased a coupon from one of our deal site providers such as Groupon you still have to go through our process as though you were buying it directly. Once you get to the checkout that is where you will apply the coupon number to reduce the pricing.

It Has Been 24Hrs Now What Do I Do ?

You MUST register on our site. The reason for this is because your coupon is for a specific group of clients and will not work if you are in the wrong group. So If you purchased your Coupon in 2018 make sure to register as a 2018 Coupon Holder. Once we approve your account you can log in.

I Have Logged In, Now What?
  • look for the service you have purchased in the navigation bar. For this example we have purchased 20 Window Pane Cleaning.
  • You can hover over top of the Window Cleaning and a visual menu will appear or
  • just double click on Window Cleaning and it will take you directly to all of the services in that category.
What Is Your Definition Of A Three Story Home ?

Although your home may be classified as a 2 story home, we look at homes a little differently. We look at how many levels of glass you have on your home. As an example if you have a slope down to the back of your home and have a patio door or as some call it a walk out basement, Then have a main floor followed by an upper bedroom, then we consider it a three story even if the front of the home is two stories we will only clean the first two levels unless you select and pay for the third story.

  • If you have a walkout basement and have three levels of glass above ground.
  • If you have a slope along the side of the home more than 20 degrees.
  • If your ceilings are more than 10ft in height.
  • If you have a sunken driveway under your home

We suggest contacting our office either by phone or by chat our team will look at your home and let you know if we classify it as three stories.

What Zone Am I ?

You can find the service zones in two areas.

  • At the top of the page marked "Service Areas" just click on the link.
  • The other area is in the individual service page, scroll down to where the description is and it is located there.

Most of our clients are in service zone 1, however if you live in Milton you would be in service zone 2.

I Have Answered The Questions Now What ?

Once you have completed the details of the service you simply click on the "ADD TO CART" button. This will give you a pop up to show you what you have in your cart. You have a few options. You can continue shopping and add other items in to the cart or if you are done then click on the "CHECKOUT" Button.

I Am In The Checkout, What DO I do Now ?

If this is your first time in our checkout we have no information about you other than what you gave when you registered. On the left hand side of the page you will find two areas BILLING and DELIVERY please fill those in and make sure to include your Postal Code which is important for selecting a Service Date.

How Do I Select A Service Date ?

Below your Billing and Delivery info, you will see an area that is for Delivery. Click on the Calendar Icon beside the date box. DO NOT try to input the date it will not work.

  • Once the calendar is open scroll the the months looking for Blue Dates
  • Select and Blue date - if it is available it will give the following information
  • (10 slots remaining) or in red (2 slots remaining) these are dates that have available appointments.
  • you may see a blue date but receive this message (We are sorry all available slots have been taken) - Please select a new date.

Our service is Postal Code based and our trucks are in different areas of the GTA daily.

Do You Offer Saturday Service ?

Yes we do but only for clients who are receiving inside service. If you wish to have Inside Cleaning done on a Saturday Please contact the office to book. Do not attempt to book it yourself online.

What Coupon Number Do I Use ?

Most site have a very plain number called a coupon number. Companies such as Groupon use different numbers for different purposes. You will receive from Groupon when you book a very long number usually starting with 1000- that is your payment confirmation number... not the one we need. You will also have another number starting with LG- .. also not the one we need.

The number we need is the redemption number, it is usually 10 digit numeric found under the bar code on paper or called the "Redemption Number" if you are on a smart phone.

What Box Do I Put The Number Into?

You can enter your coupon number in two places, either in the Shopping Cart or in the Checkout. We suggest the Checkout. Enter the number in the COUPON Box only. The Voucher Box will not work. Then hit the Apply button beside the box. You should see the value be reduced by the amount of the coupon and the coupon number will be there as well.

I Tired Applying My Coupon Number But I Am Getting An Error

There could be many different reasons why this would be happening. The best and quickest solution is to chat with one of our online Representatives, usually they can solve the issue quickly. If you experience those issues after hours send us an email and we will work on it the next day for you and then contact you when the issue is solved.

Why Are You Asking For My Credit Card Information?

All deals that are purchased through a third party are subject to HST. Sites such as Groupon do not charge the HST when you purchase the deal and leave that to the vendor... So in order to complete and confirm your booking you do have to pay the HST plus any other services you may have selected.

Is The Information I Give Secure?

Yes... Our system is secure and your information is encrypted and sent to our payment processor Square Payments. Then it is wiped clean. We do not keep any credit information on file.

I Have Submitted My Order, Now What?

As soon as you submit your order our system send you via email a confirmation and attached to that confirmation email is a copy of your invoice in PDF format. Then the follow things will happen.

  • You will receive an email from Square Payments for the payment you had just made.
  • Within 24hrs you will receive a consent email from our partner Adobe Sign. This give us permission to be on your property to do your service. It is electronic so you do not have to print it off. Simply follow the instructions.
  • We will send you an email just to let you know that we have sent out to you.
  • When we receive your consent we will then send you another email to let you know that we received it.
  • Then the Sunday before your service you will receive an email just to remind you that we are coming.

My Service Has Been Completed

Once your service has been completed the following things happen:

  • Our crew will leave you a thank you letter
  • Our crew emails the office informing us that the service was completed and any notes that they feel we should know about.
  • We pull up your order take your Coupon number and redeem it.
  • We then send you a email thanking you and giving you the details of what our techs said to us.
  • The next day we send you out a Review Us email once filled out we will give you a $10 code for any future purchases.
General Window Pane Cleaning Questions
How does MGS define a pane of glass?
Our definition is “any size of glass, horizontal or vertical, that is continuous, surrounded by either a wood or metal frame that can be a part of an entire window makeup”.

How do I count panes?

Simply walk around your home and count the number of panes you have. As an example, if you have a bay window that has five panes of glass in it, you would count that as five. Remember, you are counting panes and not windows - if your window has two panes of glass it's counted as two panes and not one.

If you would like to have specialty panes cleaned such as Arched Panes, French Windows or Moulins, French Doors or Sky Lights, you can add them by looking to the right of the page in the Related Products or after adding the main service to your cart by clicking on the Continue Shopping button. To further understand how we count panes, we have provided a simple visual on How To Count Your Panes

Other than the screen removal, do I have to do anything else if I’m having just the exterior window panes cleaned?

We must have direct access to your window panes - items like BBQ's and lawn furniture must be moved away from the home - our techs cannot move them. Also ensure that your back gate is unlocked. We love kids and pet but please ensure that they are kept inside while our techs are working.

I bought an interior window cleaning package. How do I know when you will arrive?

Interior Cleaning is always given priority whenever possible. Our office staff will work with you to give you a time frame that works best for you.

Before the technicians arrive, do I have to “prep” the inside window panes that I’m having cleaned?

We ask that the areas around all your windows be cleared away so that our techs can safely pass through. For instance, if you have a bed against the wall where the window is, please pull it out. Things like pictures, desks, plants and knick-knacks be removed prior to service.

We do remove the screens and replace them after cleaning. If you have drapes or curtains above the window, please have them pulled back. If there are shutters in the room, please make sure that there is enough room for our techs to safely move around.

Do you clean the window tracks and if so, how do you clean them?

If you purchased an inside window pane cleaning deal then the tracks are NOT included and have an added value attached to them, which can be found on the booking form.

If you purchased an external window pane cleaning package and have also purchased inside cleaning, then the tracks ARE included.

We use various track cleaning methods. Most tracks have significant dirt build-up, so we use what some call a “big toothbrush” to loosen the dirt. Then with our cordless industrial vac we simple suck it up! Finally, we wipe down the track to make it look like new.

Do you clean screens also? What method do you use?

Yes, we can clean screens of various sizes, up to 4 feet by 6 feet and we use only the highest quality products. Our products are environmentally friendly, kid and pet friendly. They also leave a nice citrus smell behind!

Our process is very simple. We spray on our special solution, carefully scrub it into the screens and let it set. We then use a specially designed unit made just for screens to rinse off the solution, taking with it dust build up and any other foreign material. If you book screen cleaning, please ensure that our technicians have access to an outside water source.

What happens if I made a mistake counting my window panes and I have more than what’s in the package I bought?

No problem. To avoid confusion and hassle, additional packages are available for purchase directly from MGS to make up the difference in numbers.

General Eavestrough Cleaning Question
How often should I clean my eavestroughs?

As rule of thumb, we recommend once a year, either in the spring or fall. However, there are several factors that can affect that recommendation – if your home is surrounded by large leafy, trees; if you have recently had a new roof installed or had work done to your existing roof; if you are living in a construction zone or if you are experiencing flow-through problems with your eaves. When in doubt, contact us for an honest assessment of your individual situation.

What is a system flush and how do I know if I need one?

Water (under pressure) is sent through your eaves to clear out things like shingle sand, broken down debris and any blockage that may have amassed in the downspout. It will not damage your eaves and will ensure free-flowing drainage.

You will most likely not know that you need a system flush unless you have an obvious blockage. Quite often, we won’t even know until we are onsite and have assessed the state of your eaves. Do not be concerned – we only recommend further work if it is absolutely necessary!

What does MGS consider a three-storey house?

We consider a three-storey home, any home that has a walk-out basement or an incline of more than 20 degrees. Normally, these homes may have two-standard-storey living spaces but because of the elevation we would look at it as three.

The rule that we follow is: if you walk down from your patio doors to the ground, then it is considered three storeys; or if your standard storey is greater than nine feet.
What’s included in the eavestrough package?

Eavestrough cleaning of homes with a low to low/medium pitched roof and two storeys of living space. Packages are purchased according to the square footage of the home – size options are available on the main site.

What is not included in the eavestrough package?

Not included in the package is: a system flush and removal of gutter guards. Extra service fees for three-storey homes and for medium- and high-pitched roofed homes. The coupon cannot be applied to repairs and is not valid for non-living spaces: garages, porches, or sheds with their own eaves.

How long will it take to do my eaves?

Each home is different. Depending on the size of the residence, the services that are being performed and the amount of accumulation in the eavestroughs, we estimate that it will take between 45 minutes to one hour.

Do I need to do anything before your technicians arrive?

We must have direct access to your eaves - items like BBQ's and lawn furniture must be moved away from the home where applicable - our techs cannot move them. Also ensure that your back gate is open so that we can get to the eaves in the back.

Do I need to be at home when you clean my eaves?

No, you do not need to be at home for the service to be performed. If you are at home, do not be alarmed if you see/hear our technicians on the roof or climbing ladders around the perimeter. Unfortunately, they are not quite as subtle as Santa and his reindeer!

Also, we love kids and pets but please make sure they are in the home while we are working.

Do I need to supply anything?

We are a professional organization with specialized equipment for eavestrough cleaning. Only if we are performing a system flush will we require access to an outside water supply from your home.

General Dryer Vent Cleaning Questions
How often should I clean my dryer vents?

Once a year – every year! We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned once a year. Dryer vents are the number one cause of house fires in North America and these deadly fires are totally preventable.

What are the signs that my dryer vent needs to be cleaned?

Your clothes are not drying properly and must be put through a second cycle. Your dryer feels hot to the touch - not warm – more like it’s overheating. Your laundry room feels humid like a sauna. The silver foil vent system is hot to touch. These are all indicators that you need an immediate cleaning.

How do the packages work?

The packages offer a complete cleaning of your dryer vent system - from the exhaust port of your dryer to the exhaust port outside of your home. They come in three length options – up to 10 feet, up to 18 feet, and up to 24 feet.

How do you clean the dryer vents?

We use a professional machine that is specifically designed to clean the inside of dryer vent systems. It is an electric rotor cleaner with a vacuum component and camera that allows us to see and remove accumulated lint, dirt, and any blockage material – either wet or dry.

Do I have to be at home when you clean my dryer vents?

Yes. You or someone over the age of 18 who is authorized to let our technicians into the house must be present for the appointment. We will require access to the laundry room where your dryer is located and to the outside of the house where the exhaust port is located.

General Snow Removal Questions
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